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Need Urgent Aid, Care for Morocco Earthquake



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CRM Human Initiative

Need Urgent Aid, Care for Morocco Earthquake

Innalillahi, a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the High Atlas mountains of Morocco on Friday (9/8). At least 300 people were killed and 153 were injured by the earthquake. “The earth shook for about 20 seconds, the door opened and closed on its own as I rushed down from the second floor,” said Hamid Afkar, a resident near Taroudant, Morocco. (

Many residents spent the night on the streets for fear of aftershocks, many also volunteered in search missions for victims trapped in the rubble during the earthquake. Latest update (9/12) near 3,000 people were killed and at least 100,000 children have been impacted by the earthquake, medics and rescuers continue to fight the clock to find more survivor under the rubble.

Let us pray that the people of Marrakesh, Morocco are given fortitude and strength in facing this disaster.



22 September 2023
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16 September 2023
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