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“The hunger crisis is on a scale we have never seen before and the evidence shows that it is getting worse,” said Regional Director of South Africa WFP Lola Castro in her statement, (

Initiator Friends, the UN World Food Program (WFP) noted the number of starving people in South Africa has exceeded the record.  There are around 45 million people starving throughout the region.

On the other side of the earth, precisely in Eastern Indonesia, there are still many of our brothers who still need adequate intake to supplement their daily nutritional needs. : 22 Juta Rakyat Indonesia Kelaparan. Warga Maluku didera kelaparan. Tiga orang meninggal dunia. (BPBD Maluku Tengah)

Their condition until now has not improved.  In the midst of a pandemic, the struggle of our brothers in Africa and Eastern Indonesia, is getting more and more difficult.


Human Initiative through the Spread Qurban Program, is present and takes a role in distributing qurban from Indonesian society to be distributed to our brothers and sisters in remote parts of the archipelago to all corners of the world, especially in areas of food shortages and Muslim countries in other parts of the world who are displaced by  humanitarian conflict or natural disaster.

For the sake of even distribution of benefits, the Human Initiative Qurban Team has determined the location of the distribution of qurban animal meat distribution.  All sacrificial animals will be distributed by the Human Initiative according to the available distribution zone.

Type A Qurban : 1 Cow

Distribution area :

  •  Africa: Somalia, Kenya and other African regions hit by a famine crisis.
  •  Eastern Indonesia: Makassar, Gorontalo, Palu, Kendari, Maluku, Manado and Luwuk.

In the midst of a pandemic, your Qurban this year will be very meaningful. Let’s determine from the heart and establish yourself, by sacrificing with us.

Achievements in Number of People Who Sacrifice 2003 – 2019


Graph of the number of Qurban beneficiaries

We invite the whole community to perfect obedience with qurban. Because worship is not limited to ability, it only requires intention and sincerity.

“Those who can’t, will try wholeheartedly. Those who can, let’s set hearts”

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