Jakarta – This year’s Ramadan is different. Because Muslims have to go through Ramadan while doing social distancing, physical distancing, and large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some people have to stop working because they are laid off. There are also some who have to stay at home, without getting any income.
Seeing this, communities from all walks of life are still struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic. One of them is Humanitarian Institutions which also take part in carrying out a number of humanitarian responses.
As conducted by the Human Initiative, which distributes aid to underprivileged communities in densely populated areas. Precisely at RT 003 RW 08, Pengadegan, Pancoran District, South Jakarta. Thursday 7 May 2020.
Based on data received by the Human Initiative, RT 003 RW 08 is a densely populated area, where the majority of the population work as peddlers, day laborers, and scavengers.

In an area where 135 families or 406 people live, Human Initiatives ha distributed aids in the form of food packages so as the people can meet their Ramadan daily needs and they can welcome Eid or Lebaran festivity.
“We are very grateful for this assistance because our food supplies are running low. As information, the majority of our residents in this area are working as peddlers, day laborers, and scavengers, “said Ferdiansyah, head of RT 003 RW 08 Pengadegan.
“They can not do much activity in Ramadan due to the implementation of the PSBB and they cannot return to their home town either. So they are very dependent on the assistance like this, “he continued.
Of course, the target area is carried out in coordination with the local government, such as RT and RW.
“The RT 003 RW 08 is a densely populated area. The majority of them are informal workers. This assistance is very appropriate for those who need it, ”concluded Sobari, the Human Initiative Program Team.